Corporate, Community & Schools Hire

VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art  & The George Bernard Shaw Theatre offers a range of facilities which can be used for corporate, community and schools hire.

The George Bernard Shaw Theatre is available to hire for performances and rehearsals, cinema, lectures, meetings, seminars, a dance practice area (the stage area is fully sprung) and much more.  It is fully equipped with a state of the art technical specification as well as full backstage facilities with two en-suite dressing rooms, a green room with kitchenette including washer & dryer and audio show relay from the stage.  In addition a further rehearsal room is available off the back stage area for meetings, workshops, readings etc.

Where the visual arts programme allows, the galleries can be used to host receptions, talks, ceremonies, photo-shoots, and many other possibilities. The Link Gallery is a perfect location for any corporate reception, award ceremony or photo-shoot, please contact the Sales, Marketing and Box Office Manager well in advance of the date of your event to be in a better position to fit around the artistic programme.

VISUAL operates a sliding scale of hire rates which are applied individually to events and are calculated to be as fair and reasonable as possible.  Rates are set based on ticket prices & numbers for events, the organisation’s capacity to pay, the purpose and nature of the event and so on.

For further information please contact the Marketing Manager, or call 059 9172400.